Monday, January 26, 2015

Belfast City Airport gives children with autism their first-ever airport experience!

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Lisa R shared this article from BBC with the Smart Apps For Kids staff recently, and I think it's worthy of sharing with everyone. It's about this great program, called Autism in the Air, designed to help children with autism gain experience in the airport before a holiday trip. Those who have some knowledge of autism know that any change in routine is better if children are familiar with the setting and sequence of events, and Autism in the Air helps with that. There is also a series of videos, for those who can't get a trial run of the airport first! Definitely check this out before flying!

From Lisa R:

A group of young children with autism had the chance to experience the airport this weekend with the support of the Autism in the Air project from PEAT and CBA. Ten children and their relatives were able to have a trial run of a holiday departure; going through security, getting on the plane and fastening their seat-belts.
AirplaneMany parents of autistic children find travelling difficult and often avoid it or have to take separate holidays. The Autism in the Air team made a series of short videos that parents can show their child before a holiday, preparing them for all aspects of airport travel.
Click here to read more here about our high fliers! 

View the Autism in the Air videos here. 

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