Saturday, January 24, 2015

Free Phonics Printables from Fun Fonix!

As a Speech Pathologist, I often modify phonics activities to address articulation skills and I'm always looking for new materials. I was excited to find a website with wonderful phonics worksheets, printable phonics e-books, online phonics games and more. The worksheet makers are fully customizable so you can design them to meet the needs of your child. Fun Fonix has a variety of different types of worksheets including: build a word, spelling, read and choose, word searches, crosswords and phonics mazes. Check out all this site has to offer you and your beginning reader today!
From the Fun Fonix website:

Fun Fonix is a phonics series that is designed to move quickly through phonics rules and is ideal or teachers with limited time for phonics instruction but for teachers or parents who also want to provide an adequate amount of practice. The vocabulary is designed for young learners and encourages reading by quick acknowledgement of what they've read.

Design your own worksheets or choose from these options:

Fun Fonix: ABC -
single letter worksheets with letter tracing, vocabulary and sound recognition, a letter sound icon, and writing skills practice area

Fun Fonix: Intro -
hard consonants and short vowels worksheets with alphabet writing practice for each letter

Fun Fonix: Book 1 - short a worksheets, short e worksheets, short i worksheets, short o worksheets, and short u worksheets.

Fun Fonix: Book 2  -
digraphs worksheets to print: ch worksheets, sh worksheets, th worksheets, ck worksheets, ng worksheets, qu worksheets

Fun Fonix: Book 3 -
printable long vowels with silent e worksheets; long a worksheets, long i worksheets, long o worksheets and long u worksheets

Fun Fonix: Book 4 - vowel digraph worksheets, vowel diphthong worksheets to print; long vowel worksheets, ee worksheest, ea worksheets, ai worksheets, oo worksheets and oa worksheets from Fun

Sarah attended a High School Pre-Registration meeting for her kids this week. It seems like only yesterday that they were doing phonics worksheets.

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