Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fun Indoor Activities with Snow!

Here in the North East, we got lots of snow and lots of wind! Thankfully in our most recent storm, the electricity stayed on at my house, but it was pretty miserable to be outside. So why not bring the snow fun inside?

Snow is a great sensory experience. The texture can vary by day, from crunchy, to dry to wet, and of course it's COLD! Bring the snow inside and use different scooping devices to pick it up. Have the kids wear their gloves and make snow balls (throwing optional) or mini snowmen!

How about filling the bathtub with some snow (or putting it on baking sheets), and practice those writing (or prewriting) skills? One mom suggested filling condiment bottles with water and food coloring to create "snow chalk"! This water and food coloring mixture can also be placed into squirt bottles, or bowls for use with turkey basters or paintbrushes (and is great for hand strengthening as well). The options are endless to paint your snow!

And finally, you can't bring snow inside without making Snow Ice Cream! Sugar, Milk, Vanilla and Snow are all you need for this tasty treat!

How do you keep your kids busy on snow days?


Shelly is excited for the extra sleep and puppy snuggles that come with snow days!

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