Thursday, January 15, 2015

Great List of Easy Science Experiments to try at Home

My daughter's birthday is coming up and so I asked her if she had anything she would like to add to her birthday wish list. The first thing she asked for was "school books." I wasn't sure what she meant, and so she told me specifically, she wants books about science and different experiments. I am always on the lookout for fun and educational activities to do with my kids and one of my friends shared this video with me of fun science experiments to try at home. So whether you are home schooling, a teacher, or just have a child that loves to play in the name of science, make sure to check this out!

Heather recently shared the great FREE app DIY Human Body as well as the other science apps in that collection. So after watching this video, be sure to head over and download that app and then start gathering supplies to try out your own experiments!

View the full article including even more great experiments at 24 Kids’ Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too


Rachel H is currently growing crystals in a jar in her dining room.

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