Saturday, January 10, 2015

I learn: Top App for school for ages 3-8! Educational and fun!

Ilearn2Make a great start to 2015 with Bizzibrains I learn, featured in Best New Apps on the AU App Store!

Both my 7 year old daughter and I were immediately in love with this well-designed app. It's an interactive book in the best sort of way, with your child's avatar (use their picture or a generic face) the star of the show. It's creative and full of learning opportunities for younger children, and definitely an app to have.

Let your child (designed for ages 3-8) learn with this fun and interactive app! Support Smart Apps For Kids and use our download button. I learn is compatible with iPad and iPhone for $4.99:
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Learn2Bizzibrains has made another winner with I learn! Rachel H loved I imagine when she reviewed it in February 2014, and I learn had me immediately enchanted. It's a newly released app and has already been featured on the Australian App Store, and I am not at all surprised. It's creative, interactive, fun and educational. What else could you want in an app designed for kids 3-8 years old?

The user creates an avatar, a grown up and a teacher when first starting the app. I first tried the app with me (a 39 year old going to school), my husband and a generic teacher. But I didn't get very far before my seven year old daughter figured out I was up to something fun, and she took over with her own avatar and teacher (she kept her dad, though).

Learn5Record the name of each character (and I also had to record my age, since I was beyond the built-in options!) and then start the story. Little Heather learns things at home and at school, with skills like sorting, following directions, letters, math and writing all seamlessly integrated into the story. One of my favorite pages is a board game to depict the walk to school.

Learn6Emotions are also respected in this game--kids feel lots of different ways about starting school, and this app doesn't assume one emotion is better than any other. The child picks an emotion to describe how their avatar feels when starting school, and also another emotion for how they feel at the end of the day. The text of the narration changes based on the emotion chosen, but all remain positive. It's OK to be nervous or sad, or happy and excited.

I highly recommend this app for anyone with a child in the target age range, but especially for a child who might be nervous about school. It's fun and educational, a big win in my book.

Learn1This is the only time Heather H has ever posted a picture of her underwear.

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