Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Toca Boca takes a look at real and digital building-blocks

There are two items my son cannot live without, the iPad and his LEGOs. Among his favorite apps are those from Toca Boca. Okay, I'll admit it, Toca Boca has some of the Smart Apps staff's favorite apps. I actually think the first app I ever purchased was from Toca Boca -- I can't say enough about how much my kids and I love them. Over at the wonderful world of all things Toca Boca (namely, their website), they have been featuring articles about free play, creativity and the use of both digital and physical building blocks in play. Two of the articles from some of the most creative minds around really caught my eye and I wanted to share!

5 Reasons for Kids to Build with Digital Toys -- I love that the article doesn't talk about replacing physical blocks with digital, but that there are benefits to both.

Organizing LEGOs: 10 Tips for Taming the Bricks -- Well, it's a new year, and that brings many parent's to binge clean the kid's playroom. They have some great ideas to help reign in the LEGO beast that can spread throughout the house.

These were just two of their most recent articles. There are SO MANY more great ideas and posts on their website and Facebook page. Be sure to go dig around, and check out their apps!

Never heard of Toca Boca? Here is a video from our sister site, Smart Apps for Kids showing the in's and out's of one of my kids' favorite apps, Toca Hair Salon 2 ($2.99, iPad/iPhone). Be sure to check out Toca Boca's entire assortment of wonderful, imaginative apps.

Rachel H had an unexpected day off today, and spent it watching a really bad movie on HBO. Two hours of her day she won't get back.

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