Friday, January 9, 2015

Top Apps for OT Students recommended by The American Occupational Therapy Association

Thank goodness the smartphone I had in graduate school was just a Blackberry! The only game I liked to play was BrickBreaker, and I would not allow myself to play it during class. If I had had an iPhone I would have never gotten anything done! But others are using apps successfully in education, and this week The American Occupational Therapy Association created a list of helpful apps from current OT students.
 These apps help with productivity in school, in addition to healthy lifestyle outside of school. The following apps were recommended by seven occupational therapy students:


- Noteshelf (iPad only, $5.99) - for note taking and annotating articles.
- Inkflow Plus (iPad/iPhone, $7.99) - for creating visuals and planning out creative ideas for adapative equipment.
- GoKeep for Google Keep (iPad/iPhone or Android, FREE) - share and sync notes between devices

Healthy Lifestyle
- CARROT To-Do - Talking Task List (iPhone/iPadx2, $2.99) - to-do list, makes your list into a game, earn points for completed tasks
- Relax Melodies HD (iPad, FREE) Relax Melodies (iPhone, FREE) or Android - promotes relaxation and helps you sleep with 46 relaxing tunes.
- Mint Personal Finance (iPad/iPhone or Android, FREE) - makes managing finances easy, connect multiple accounts.

I briefly looked at CARROT and it seems super interactive and motivating, too bad there aren't tangible rewards at the end!

Check out the full post here: App Happy: Students Share Their Favorite Resources


Shelly is already over winter weather!

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