Monday, January 19, 2015

Two free apps for a limited time! Save $6 on a math and note taking app!

I was excited to see a few good apps go free today--it seems like the App Store still hasn't recovered from the holiday break. Today, though, I found both Mathlingz Numbers in Everyday Life 1 – Easy Math for Kids and Tell Note 2 have gone free! Even better, I don't have these apps yet, and that's saying a lot for someone with an app collection weakness.
Check out these two great apps for FREE. Download them and try them out to see if they meet your specific needs. Both apps look like they have great potential, though, and both are completely FREE (no in-app purchases!) for a limited time.

Plus, don't miss all of the FREE apps featured on Smart Apps For Kids today, including 1+2=3 and 5 FREE apps from Zcooly!

Mathlingz Numbers in Everyday Life 1 – Easy Math for Kids

iPad only - $1.99 to FREE

Mathlingz Numbers in Everyday Life 1 offers 11 math activities for children aged 8–11, facilitating numeracy skills practice. The app is easy to navigate and it is child-friendly. All activities have been designed to educate and entertain at the same time. The content was compiled by editors of award-winning mathematics textbook series with over 20 years of experience in educational publishing.

Tell Note 2

iPad only - $3.99 to FREE

Tell Note is a powerful and easy-to-use recording app designed for iPad. Powerful text notes, tags system, options for customizing the size and quality of the recordings as well as Intuitive user interface make Tell Note a perfect recording app for business or studies as well as for a daily usage. 

Recording and playback
• Record and playback in the background

• Record all you need with no time limit on recording

• 5 adjustable sampling rates and 10 bit rates to manage the size and quality of the recording
• MP4 audio format fully compatible with iTunes as well as with iPhone and iPod Touch

• Optional forward and backward rewind interval such as 10, 15, 30, 45, and 59 seconds

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