Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wow! Get 50% ANY item at Super Duper Publications for a limited time!

I let out an excited squeal when I got the email from Super Duper tonight, announcing this week's 50% off deal--instead of just one item, chosen by the company, this week I can choose what to get! That's right, 50% off anything on the site! Of course, a few restrictions apply--the tests that aren't made by Super Duper aren't eligible, and it can't be used on apps (sad face) or a few other categories. But for the most part, everything is eligible! Pediatric speech-language pathologists will definitely be excited about this sale, but teachers and parents will likely be able to find something interesting, too.
I'm debating what to buy--something big to start out the year with a big discount? Or a game I've been eyeing for less than $50 (and less than $25 on sale)? I have a few days to decide, the sale is good through January 7th at midnight EST.

What will you choose? Share your choice with us!

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