Thursday, February 19, 2015

Check out these two great resources to assist parents with IEPs, including FREE app!

Several months ago, this site was nice enough to share one of my most popular posts--the 500+ SDIs for an IEP. That post took me forever to type up, so I am always pleased when someone new finds it and shares it. I know I refer to it myself often. Since this crowd seemed to enjoy that post, I asked about sharing some new things I have come up with recently.
I have been working as a Special Education Advocate for several years and I assist families with the IEP process. I help them to navigate it and better understand it, achieve more confidence and better parental participation. It is my mission to empower parents in the IEP process. One of my latest projects is a giant step towards making that happen.

I have always wanted to create an IEP organizer and finally just a few weeks ago the final edits came back from graphic designer and it is being offered online. I hope to someday be able to print and collate them and distribute them that way, but for now distributing a PDF and having the parents assemble it is the most cost effective way to get it out there. You print it out and then you assemble it with your child's IEP paperwork and folders in a 3-ring binder. I have also given you a timeline, so that you can count backwards from your child's IEP date to be better prepared for things like evaluation time and having your Parental Concerns letter prepared.

When used as designed, the IEP organizer allows parents to take a few minutes each month to review progress and make notes, rather than be totally overwhelmed once a year and trying to remember important incidents and concerns. I hope you'll take a look and check it out. You can click the image below for a complete listing of what is in it, plus I created a YouTube video showing you how I have put mine together to organize my IEP paperwork.

Click for more information or to purchase
The other product that I'm really pleased about new app! That's right, I also had my site developed into an app earlier this year and I'm pleased with the results. I had heard from many parents that they really find my IEP resources and advice quite useful, but accessing my site "on the go" was a problem for them. So, I developed an Android app and it's free! I hope to do iOS later this year. It's the same information as is found on my website but in an easier to access format if you are on a device.


Thanks for letting me visit and tell you about what I have going on over at A Day in our Shoes. We always have fun and interesting stuff going on, so stop by!

Lisa Lightner

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