Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Duck Duck Moose bundle saves 50% off 10 top apps

I'll be honest, I had never heard of the Duck Duck Moose apps before I joined Smart Apps for Special Needs two years ago. Then I met Rachel J and Heather H who just kept singing their praises. When Rachel J, a speech language pathologist, put together a list of all the Duck Duck Moose apps on Android, she commented that when parents ask her, "What kind of apps should I get for my preschooler?" (which happens more than you'd think) she never forgets to mention apps from developer Duck Duck Moose.

Well, thanks to the awesome feature of app bundling on iTunes, you can now get all ten Duck Duck Moose apps for half the price of purchasing individually. That's right, bought on their own, these wonderful preschool level apps would cost over $19, but this savings bundle is only $9.99!

If you would like to download the Duck Duck Moose Pack HD app bundle ($9.99, iPad only) please show you support by using out link below:

iPhone version ($9.99)

From iTunes:
50% OFF! This pack features 10 of the popular, award-winning apps by Duck Duck Moose for ages 2-8. SING famous nursery rhymes, LEARN math and reading, DRAW and make your own movies, and PLAY with animated puzzles and trucks.

1. Wheels on the Bus HD
2. Itsy Bitsy Spider HD
3. Musical Me! HD

4. Duck Duck Moose Reading HD
5. Fish School HD
6. Moose Math
7. Pet Bingo

8. Trucks HD
9. Draw and Tell HD
10. Puzzle Pop HD

Duck Duck Moose, an award-winning creator of educational apps for children, was founded in 2008 by three parents who share a passion for children, education, music, design and play. To date, we have created 20 top-selling titles and have won 19 Parents’ Choice awards, 17 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Awards and a KAPi award for the “Best Children’s App” at the International CES.

Rachel H is not cooking dinner tonight. She does not know what the family will eat, but she's not going to cook it. 

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