Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Free App Alert! Speech Therapy app gone free! Save $15!

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.31.10 PMI reviewed iRecognize back in 2013, and it's just recently gotten a brand new update! It's currently FREE with in-app purchases, with a savings of $15! I can't wait to try it out with the fancy new interface. iRecognize is great for any age, making it a very versatile app to have on the iPad. Users can now add photos from the photo library and add their own voice, along with some other great options. Or just use the built in libraries for some great therapy options.

Download iRecognize to use in speech therapy, and support Smart Apps For Kids at the same time, just by using our download button (iPad only, $14.99 to FREE, in app purchases):
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From iTunes:
Recog2iRecognize® is now available for those that need practice recognizing faces, places, or things, and those that just want to learn something new! Useful for students of any age, iRecognize® allows users to create fully customizable exercises using pictures from their photo library. iRecognize® comes with three full practice exercises, as well as pre-loaded libraries complete with professional photos and auditory cues. 

"Speech pathologists will find libraries of the LARK (ProEd) vocabulary. They can use them to customize exercises for recovery of auditory comprehension and reading" - Dr. Richard Dressler, CCC-SLP 

RecogFeatures of iRecognize®: 
-Included libraries are suitable for preschoolers, school children and adults. 
-Add libraries of items using your device’s camera or photo library and use the microphone to include personal auditory cues. 
-Library items can be labeled and auditory cues can be recorded in any language – perfect for practicing a second language! 
-Strengthen verbal, auditory and visual learning skills. 
-Familiar flashcard/matching game template. 
-Completely customizable levels of difficulty. 
-Great for students, teachers, parents and kids. 
-Track your progress with each exercise or by specific item to better recognize areas of improvement.
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