Friday, February 20, 2015

How to Make an Adapted Crayon (or Stylus)!

As an OT, my job is to look at kid's hands and their grasp on writing instruments. When they have a "funky" grasp, I try to figure out why, and the best way to address their hands. Is it strength? Have they just never learned how to hold it write? Is it age appropriate?

Some disabilities cause poor coordination and strength in a child's hands, and there may be no way to "fix" it. That's where low tech assistive technology comes in!

Twist and Write pencils are a great alternative to a regular pencil, but what about kids who are too young for pencils or are using touchscreen devices? Abby at OT Cafe created her own y-shaped adaptive crayon, which can also be made for other writing utensils, such as a stylus. Remember, to work, a stylus needs some sort of heat, so you may need to adapt the holder so there is some skin contact.

For complete instructions on how Abby used Crayola Air Dry Clay, visit her blog post here.


 Shelly enjoyed February break, and is not ready to go back to wearing real pants next week!

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