Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ideas for Initiation of Communication

I found this great post on Pinterest today. Initiation of communication is a necessary step in expanding communication, and one that often needs to be explicitly taught to children with autism. Christine, the author of the Autism Classroom News blog, wrote a great step-by-step post about how it can be taught.

From the post:

First, decide what language skill you want to work on. Do you want the student to request something he or she needs? Do you want him/her to comment on something (e.g., I see a dog before you turn the page of the book)? Do you want him/her to initiate a greeting? The situation you set up will depend on what the skill is you want to address.

Read the blog to find out the next steps.

Focusing on Initiation of Communication for Learners with Autism

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