Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lego travel kit with free activity cards! Work on Fine Motor skills anywhere

We are huge LEGO fans at my house. I say we because I love them just as much as my kids. These little interlocking bricks can help with skills such as sorting, color identification, counting, measuring (how long is the brick), and of course fine motor skills from actually assembling and pulling apart pieces. Though my 6 year old loves the huge LEGO sets, I am the one that ends up assembling the majority of it for him to play with the finished project. I love this idea of simple and non-overwhelming LEGO travel kit. Perfect for car or doctor's office, kids can play and not realize all the skills they are developing.

To read how to build your own kit as well as download FREE printable cards, head over to Fun At Home With Kids. Also be sure to check out the Sensory Play section on this website!

Rachel H's son gave her a LEGO race car for Mother's Day last year, and she absolutely loves it.

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