Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sensory guessing game without the mess with DIY Sensory Balloons!

I have a son with sensory processing disorder. His mainly involves loud noises and food, but touch and textures will bother him as well. Although I am all for my kids getting messy in the name of experimenting and learning, there are times my son isn't so interested or we aren't at a location where a big mess is acceptable. I love the idea of these sensory balloons! By selecting different ingredients, kids can explore and make guesses while the mess stays contained.

The ingredients are ones you most likely have on hand, and they seem pretty easy to make. Head on over to KC Edventures to learn how and read some great tips for creating your own Sensory Balloon Game.

Be sure to check out the rest of their blog. Though it is based in Kansas City, there are plenty of great resources for people all over the world. I especially liked the Explore Science section!

Rachel H is starving and needs someone to hide the chocolate until after dinner.

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