Sunday, February 22, 2015

Top Ten Ways to Survive Snow Days (As told by a Mom on the edge.)

IceWinter. What started as a four-day weekend turned into a ginormous blob of unending time home from school for my three kids because of winter. I don't even know what day it is or when I last had a shower. They have been home since last Thursday and according to the all-knowing computer, it's Friday of the next week. If the snow magically evaporated at this very second, the kids will still be home for two more days. You might not be able to tell, but I'm whimpering as I type this. I love my little snow bunnies, but I need them to stop touching me and asking for sandwiches and seriously, no. No more trips outside to build a snowman. It's ice, kids. Ice doesn't make a good snowman. Do not make me throw a chunk at you to prove a point. What we have outside is a slippery doom machine of pain.

In honor of having us all survive, I have created a list of ways you too can make it through the unending pain of snow days. This is not a list where I pretend every moment should be enjoyed and savored. It is not a fluffy, feel-good piece written to make you feel guilty about wanting to be left alone for a few minutes. I'm here for the grown-ups. It's about survival. If we make it through with a shred of peace in our hearts, the children can go on to have other things to discuss with their therapists as adults and not the snow days.

Cynthia's list is well worth the read, even if you just need a little humor on one more snow day! Head on over to Smart Apps For Kids to see her ten ways to survive.

Coming soon: how speech-language pathologists can survive the towering paperwork that collects as the snow days add up. Just as soon as I can see over the stacks again...

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