Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wow! Top 100 Completely FREE Apps for Preschoolers is Updated!

Top100Preschool_01Phew! This is the list to end all lists if I do say so myself! After the hours and hours and then a few more hours put into getting this list together, I feel confident in that statement. Two of the biggest requests we get from our readers are preschool apps and apps without in-app purchases. This mega Top 100 List contains the most popular posts we have written since the start of Smart Apps for Kids back in 2011. I dug through thousands of posts and found the Top 100 Completely FREE Preschool Apps (no in-app purchases).

We have apps for LEGOs, phonics, shapes, music, Disney and much, much, more. Seriously, when I finished counted, I had a total of 572 apps. All free. Not a single in-app purchase. What are you waiting for? Click, download, and share!

Don't miss any of the Top 100 Completely FREE Apps for Preschoolers! No In-App Purchases! Here are links to all ten pages:

Part 1 (1-10) image from
Part 2 (11-20)
Part 3 (21-30)
Part 4 (31-40)
Part 5 (41-50)
Part 6 (51-60)
Part 7 (61-70)
Part 8 (71-80)
Part 9 (81-90)
Part 10 (91-100)

Rachel H went through a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates and a couple of pots of coffee over the days it took to get all these posts put together.

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