Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Items to help calm down during sensory overload

My son has sensory processing disorder among other things. He is extremely sensitive to loud sounds and there are certain events that can really send him over the edge. I have read how people more organized then me have put together sensory calm down bins to help their child. I have put together some things I try to keep on hand, but would love to hear what you have found useful!

Here are some items that we have found to help

Pictures of items he likes -- Either a book or a file on my phone we can flip through wherever we are, I try to keep something on a favorite subject easily accessible. We had a very long period where he was into sea animals, so I had my phone loaded with pictures of whales, starfish and anything else he would focus on.

Headphones -- Since my son is primarily sensitive to sounds, there are times we just have to help reduce them.

A fidget/chewy -- These can give kids someplace to focus their energy on

A timer or reward chart -- For many kids, knowing how much time is left before they leave can be helpful. We have many ideas of apps which may help in our Top Apps for Behavior Management post.

Comfort item -- My kids never had a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, but my son had a knit hat that he was attached to. It was his "lovey." When we go somewhere we know he may become overwhelmed, we either have it in my purse or in the car.

What items have you found useful? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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