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Top 10 Memory Keepsake Apps to Store Children's Milestones, Memories, Artwork and More!

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me in the last few months knows that my babies will be heading to high school next fall. I'm a sentimental girl at heart so I've done a pretty good job of documenting major milestones, funny quotes/stories and the occasional finger-painted masterpiece. My basement and closets are filled with tubs of artwork, baby books, photos and keepsakes. I will neither confirm nor deny that there are two little boxes filled with baby teeth in my sock drawer. My point is, this stuff takes up a lot of space (and is occasionally a little gross). Luckily, there are wonderful apps out there that can digitally preserve a child's first word, that giant science fair project or a video of the first wobbly bike ride without training wheels. Check out these ten memory saving and sharing apps.

If you would like to download any of these apps, please show your support for Smart Apps for Kids by using the links provided:

Keepy: Save kids' artwork, schoolwork and mementos with voice and video narration by keepy Inc. 

Keepy is an easy-to-use, friendly app that helps you curate and save all of your family’s photos, videos, artwork, schoolwork, memories and more in one safe place … on all of the devices you use. It helps you stay organized, saves your family’s memories, and declutters your home. With Keepy, you can record your voice or a video telling the story behind each memory, share your photos and videos with grandparents and loved ones, and preserve your family’s enriched memories forever. Everything can be accessed in the free Keepy app or on your very own private Keepy website.

(iPhone/iPad, Free with in-app purchases)

My iStory-keep a diary of your life! by Apps Made Easy Ltd.

There are days you wish you’d never forget. With My iStory you can be sure you will always remember them, whether it's your child's first step or just a night out with friends. This easy to use photography journal turns your memories into slideshows or eBooks with one simple step. Create a daily photo diary to send to family and friends. 

 - Journal your memories, thoughts & feelings. 
- Collect and store your photos and videos within My iStory. 
- Import your existing photos from Camera Roll and create an instant diary. 
- Create an eBook or a Slideshow of a special event or a special year! 
- Use audio recordings to keep audio memories. 
- Protect your privacy with passcode authentication. 
- Search to locate your journals conveniently.

(iPhone/iPad, $0.99)

Artkive - Save Kids' Art by The Kive Company

Never again feel guilty about throwing away artwork your kids bring home. Get rid of the clutter and start to enjoy your child's work. Turn your Artkive into a high quality, hard cover book with little more than the touch of a button! 

Your kids will love flipping through their Artkives to see their creations and they make great gifts for grandparents and other loved ones. 

For more information, check out or email us at

(iPhone/iPad, $4.99)

Kidlee Baby Book and Journal by Skip Rope Studios

Kidlee helps you easily capture your kids' memorable moments and privately share with family and close friends. 

Quickly save milestones, firsts, quotes, stories, achievements, pregnancy diaries, travel logs, doctors visits, anything! Your Kidlee posts will soon become a memorable timeline you and your kids will cherish forever. 
✓ Completely private - only you and the family and friends you choose will see your posts 
✓ Easily write quick, frequent and unlimited posts, with photos 
✓ Posts are date stamped and display the age of your child at the time 
✓ Family and friends are sent email updates automatically; they don't need to register or install the app 
✓ Download & print your Memory Book anytime 
✓ Unlike similar apps, your Kidlee data is securely stored in the cloud. So no worries if your phone is ever lost, stolen or goes for a swim.

(iPhone/iPad, Free with in app-purchases)

Art My Kid Made by Gramercy Consultants

Kids make alot of art, and parents feel terrible about throwing it all away. Using the Evernote API and/or Dropbox API, Art My Kid Made streamlines the archiving of your kids art to Evernote and sharing the cool ones with friends and family. 
Setup your children and their ages 
Edit, Crop, Rotate, even add a funky effect 
Backup Post to Evernote and/or Dropbox in Realtime! 
Share with Facebook, Twitter and post on the Art My Kid Made blog. 
You may get picked as the artist of the day! 

For iOS devices with cameras.

(iPhone/iPad, Free)

Moment Garden - Baby Book Photos and Scrapbook App by Moment Garden

Save, share, and relive those special moments as your child grows up and privately share them with your closest family and friends. With a single click, you can even turn your Moment Garden into a Moment Book, a beautifully printed book like that baby book you never had time to finish! Don't risk losing any of those stories, pictures, videos or funny things your children say: start today! 

Since 2010, we've helped over 100,000 people tell their child's story and connect with their families. 

Moment Garden is private and centered around your child. Only the people you invite can view or add memories to your gardens. Also, grandparents LOVE getting the moments in their email; it will absolutely make their day!

(iPhone/iPad, Free)

Canvsly - A home for your child's precious artwork by Canvsly LLC

Canvsly (pronounced canvas-ly) is a private platform that helps parents capture, organize, share their children's precious artwork, creative moments so they can cherish them anytime, anywhere forever. 

 How is this different from the other photo apps? 
In a lot of ways, but here are a few reasons why Canvsly is different: 
 - This app has been built with your child and their artwork in mind 
 - Canvsly is private by default. You control the audience to share the artwork with. 
 - Every child has his/her own space/albums/artworks 
 - Organize the artwork across your children’s timelines so they can look back and enjoy it as they grow 
- You can instantly share the artwork with your loved ones by inviting them to your private circles or even to the greater audience via Facebook and Twitter 
- You can instantly convert their precious artwork into keepsakes and gifts via Shop 
- You can now make original handmade gifts and send them to all your loved ones!

(iPhone/iPad, $2.99)

Quotely by Atomic Robot

Never forget those funny quotes from your kids! Start capturing them in beautiful quote cards that you can personalize and share. 

Quotely is great for saving those cute one-liners, but also ideal for retelling a story or conversation that happened with your kids. 

CREATE beautiful quote cards and personalize them with photos, fonts, and pretty colors. ORGANIZE your quote cards with dates, tag names, and personal notes. 
SHARE your quote cards via Text Message, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even print them as postcards. 
RELIVE the moments again as you scroll through the timeline of cards you've created for each of your kids.

(iPhone/iPad, Free)

Likecake - Baby Photo Journal and Slideshows

Kids grow up fast! See and share your child's amazing progress with a private, beautiful timeline and fun music slideshows. 
*** Remember more *** 
- Forget folders! Enjoy photos in one timeline. 
- Combine your photos with your partner's. 
- Add from Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram. 

*** Remember better *** 
- Zoom to any age in seconds. 
- Compare stages from birth to today. 
- Find any moment easily, on any device. 

 *** Remember together *** 
- Share music & photo slideshows. 
- Skip email. Family get updates automatically. 
- Family can follow on any phone or computer.

(iPhone/iPad, Free with in-app purchases)

Tweekaboo: Journal, Share & Print Pregnancy, Baby and Family moments by Instidia Ltd

Capture and preserve every moment from as early as "we're pregnant" to that first scan, the birth announcement, first smile, first tooth, first steps, first day at school and beyond. 

- create a private timeline of your pregnancy and baby moments and milestones 
- share photos and videos privately with family on our private social network 
- print beautiful pregnancy journals and baby books in minutes 
- all of your most precious moments are stored safely in the cloud 
- you can even import old posts from Facebook including all those comments!

(iPhone/iPad, Free)

Sarah has recipe boxes full of notecards with funny little stories and quotes from her children. She is working to transfer them into an app.

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