Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trending: AAC makes HuffPost Parents! How can an AAC device break a parent's heart?

HeartI found this article from HuffPost Parents today, and I was almost ready to be outraged when I read the title. Can you blame me? Entitled My Daughter's Speech Therapy Is Breaking My Heart, I worried that it might be a slam against something so very important to me. Well, thankfully it's a great story! But more than that, it's a real look at a parent's complicated feelings as her daughter grows and develops. And this is a feeling that is universal, isn't it? Don't we all struggle a little with the growing up process?

RockingI do, at least. I'm thrilled when my kids gain independence, yet also a little pensive about how they someday won't need me anymore. I have very special memories of rocking one of my children to sleep while singing a particular song. I sang this song every night, and before long, it was a comfort. When he felt sad or got hurt, he'd come running to me to sing.

He's not yet all grown up, so he does still sometimes come running to me when he's hurt or sad. But the song faded a long time ago, as much as I wanted to hold onto it forever. And that's just like parenting. I still have my son, and I'm important in his life, but that role changes over time.
That's how I felt when I read this post by Adiba Nelson. It's hard to let go sometimes as the parent, and even more so when you've fought so hard to get to that point. But the post also made my speech-language pathologist self very happy. Everyone needs to communicate with those around them, and reading about the power of her daughter's alternative communication device was so joyful for me.

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