Monday, April 20, 2015

A look at the whole package, one father's look at the good and the difficult

I have found myself only sharing with people the strengths and accomplishments of my son with Aspergers. I do not do it to try to make myself come across as SuperMom -- I am far from that title. I tend to do it because I want people to see what an amazing little guy he is. I tend to downplay the meltdowns, the stress, the financial and emotional cost.

I recently read an article on The Mighty where Darrin Steele, a father of a boy with autism, speaks out on what he refers to as the total package:
I don’t want him defined by his weaknesses, his meltdowns or his autism, but they are part of the total package. It’s a package that includes stress we feel in public when he’s on the edge of losing control; the panic I see in my wife’s eyes while he’s hurting himself; the pain and despair I see in those eyes long after he’s back to his joyful self; the guilt I feel for being embarrassed during his more public meltdowns; the power of the word ‘retard’ to remind us how society views him; the looks of disapproval from people who might know, but don’t care; and the acceptance that, in spite of the support we get in this fight, we need to be prepared to fight alone.
Continue reading the full article, When a Coworker Caught Me Off Guard With a Question About My Son

Rachel H isn't ashamed to admit that she just ate a basket of fried pickles by herself.

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