Saturday, April 25, 2015

Three Apps Available from the National Association of Special Education Teachers

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and special education teachers and therapists are drafting IEPs. For many teachers and parents, spring is known as IEP season. The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) is a national membership organization that seeks to support and assist professionals in the field of special education and those training for a career in special education. In addition to a wealth of other information and resources, NASET has developed three apps that could prove valuable during this very busy time of year to both teachers and parents.

If you would like to download any or all of the NASET apps, please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the links provided.

IEP Goals & Objectives With Common Core State Standards 

This application allows you to easily build a list of students, and for each one, choose & build a list of IEP Annual Goals, Short Term Objectives, and Behavioral Objectives that include Common Core State Standards (CCSS). For each objective, you are provided with the option to add a Mastery Level. The output of each student's list of Goals and Objectives can then be sent by email or text message. 

This app allows you to: 
 • Build a list of students and then save, edit, add, and/or delete selected Goals and Objectives that are unique for each student 
• Develop multiple Goals and Objectives for each student 
• Export the assembled annual goals, short term objectives and behavioral objectives for each student via email, or text message 
• Plan certain significant components of each student's educational curriculum 
• Build an exportable list of enrichment experiences to enhance student's development from a list of over 2,700 Suggested Activities

(iPhone/iPad, $9.99)

Special Education Dictionary

The NASET Special Education Dictionary gives you thousands of terms used in special education with their respective definitions and easy-to-understand explanations. This practical app is the most comprehensive dictionary available in special education. You can look up any definition by means of the main search or alphabetical search. If you work in the field of special education or are a parent of a child with special needs, you should have the NASET Special Education Dictionary in your app library. 

* Thousands of special education terms and definitions at your fingertips 
* Extremely clear and simple definitions are easy for anyone to understand 
* Complete sentence-based definitions in English 
* Alphabetical scroll list and or search options 
* Export terms and definitions by message, email, Facebook, Twitter and even copy to device clipboard

(iPhone/iPad, $1.99)

Parent Teacher Handouts

Parent/Teacher conferences are an integral part of being a special education teacher and afford the opportunity to communicate very important information to a parent that will facilitate the progress of his/her child. As a result, many parents may not remember what exactly was said at the meeting and these handouts can easily reinforce the discussion in a very concrete manner. 

NASET's Parent Teacher Conference Handout Collection provides over 90 handouts covering a wide variety of topics that are discussed by teachers and parents on a daily basis. From this application you will be able to select and then; view, print, download, or email your selection(s). 

The Parent Teacher Conference Handouts provided cover a variety of topics in special education. These handouts can be given at the end of parent teacher conferences, to reinforce concepts and help parents further understand information discussed at the conference. They are also useful in answering parent inquiries or providing tips to parents on how they can assist their child with his/her education. These handouts will provide you with a means of educating parents, delivering requested information, providing clarity, reducing misinformation & speculation on the parts of parents. It also helps to present you as a source of guidance, information, and assistance to all the parents of children in your class.

(iPhone/iPad, $2.99)


Sarah has been playing the Whack-A-Mole board game all week which is helping her channel her IEP season stress.

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