Friday, April 17, 2015

When is it ok to use the R Word?

The answer: NEVER. This is something that I hold my friends, families and peers to everyday. It it never ok to use the R word. Working with kids with disabilities since I was a teenager, I have seen the reaction of individuals with disabilities when someone casually throws out the word "retarded". I cringe every time I hear it, and have surrounded myself with individuals who do not use such hateful words.

Flip the Script with Liz Plank from Mic, addressed this topis this week in a web video. She talked to a young man, named Paul, and his mother, about the effect of words on their daily lives. Paul has Down Syndrome and is gay, so he deals with hateful words in more than one arena everyday. Paul's mother talks about how words really do hurt, even if they are not being used with their traditional definitions. Paul takes it all in stride, and loves being the unique human being he is. Watch this quick video below.


Shelly is soaking in the warm weather with her dog, before reality of back to work begins!

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