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I Learn - a creative and engaging app for 3-8 year olds

Smartappsforkidsnewsletter Kids love I learn and you will too. Heather from and her daughter were both "immediately in love with this well-designed app". "It's creative, interactive, fun and educational. What more could you want in an app designed for 3-8 years old?"

Learning is fun and engaging with educational activities in the app that adjust according to age. Bizzibrains' I learn is a great way to make the transition into a new class at school, kindergarten or preschool a time to enjoy. 
If you would like to download I Learn (iPad/iPhone, $3.99) please support by using this download link:
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From iTunes:
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***** "were immediately in love with this well-designed app... It's creative, interactive, fun and educational. What else could you want in an app designed for kids 3-8 years old?"
***** "this fabulous application is ... fun, educational, interactive and creative"
***** "clever, innovative and fabulous"
Featured in 'Best New Apps' and 'Great Kids Apps and Games" on the AU App Store. 

Produced in association with Screen Australia 'I learn' is Bizzibrains follow up to their award winning 'I imagine'. 

Kids love learning with 'I learn'. Kids create the characters to put them self, their teacher and a parent into the words and pictures of the story. I learn blends their photos (or you can use our illustrated options), together with the hair styles, outfits and colours kids choose and their voice into a beautifully illustrated story. 

Seeing their face and hearing their own voice in the narration, kids really connect with the story. They're totally engaged as they follow the story text on each page which is highlighted as it is narrated. 

Kids get right into choosing different colours to write their name (younger children can start by tracing their name), learning letters and words with a fun game of I spy, and practicing their numerical skills on the blackboard. Social education, so important for kids of this age, is subtly sprinkled throughout the story pages with children encouraged to identify how they and other children in the class might be feeling. Conversation prompts are included for parents with kids who sometimes feel nervous, shy or sad.

I learn, although fun at any age, is ideal for children between 3 and 8 years old. 

I learn (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, go to
No advertising.
No access to websites other than through our secure parental gate.
Designed for children 3 to 8 years old.
Made for iPads, iPhones and iPod touch.
√ 11 interactive story pages, hand drawn illustrations, music, sounds and narration.
√ Use of device camera & microphone.
√ An intuitive, fun 3 character creation stage including:
* Enter and record your character names;
* Enter your age and where you go to learn (school, kinder, preschool, care or enter your own place); 
* Add a photo face or use our illustration;
* Choose hairstyle, clothing, shoes and colours. 

√ Educational features and interactions:
* Text highlight as narrated;
* Learn to write your name; 
* Get dressed, brush your hair, make your bed and pack your bag ready to go;
* Roll the dice and play a fun take on the classic board game: can you get to school, kinder or preschool on time?; 
* Numerical problems tailored to child's age; 
* Play I spy, learn letter sounds and identify those letters in words; 
* Talk about how you might feel about going to kinder, preschool or school;
* Identify the emotions felt by other children in the classroom; 
* Play in the playground. 
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√ Ability for parents to enter our parental gate to:
* Access our website for resources for parents with children starting kinder or school, view our privacy policy, etc.

√ I imagine contains no third party advertising. Website links are safely behind our parental gate so your child can play safely and without interruptions.

You can choose not to use the photos and microphone, however we think the app is much more fun if you do! We take your privacy seriously. This app is designed for you to add a photo of your child's face and to record their name. If you choose to do this, the photo and recording is not sent to or received by us. If you would like to know more you can read our privacy policy at

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