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Best app for special needs: iDo Hygiene is the Care and Keeping of You for Special Education

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Bottom line: iDo Hygiene provides real-life images and videos of common self-care and hygiene routines targeted at pre-teen students with special needs. High customization and clear presentation of tasks make this app one of a kind on the app market.

To download iDo Hygiene (iPad only) use the links below to support Smart Apps for Kids:
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There's not a lot of things that are the same about everyone. A few things that we all share in common, however, are the things we do each morning and night. Showering, brushing teeth, doing hair and even going to the bathroom are necessities. For some students with disabilities, especially pre-teens, what we consider to be mindless daily tasks can be confusing and insurmountable tasks. Enter iDo Hygiene.

This app contains 12 mini-lessons that cover basic areas of daily care: combing long hair, brushing teeth, using public restrooms, washing your face, washing your hands and more. Each lesson contains several components. A step-by-step video is preloaded that explains the process while your kiddo watches what the activity looks like in real life. Picture sequences are also available in numbered succession that clearly lay out the activity from beginning to end.

6a00e398228361883301b8d0dcc05b970c-200wiIf your child learns better with images of himself, you (the grownup) can record/narrate your own video or take pictures straight from your device and create sequence cards specific to your child. These videos and picture cards are great for previewing/reviewing expectations for each piece of the different daily tasks. "Find the picture" and "The Missing Step" are activities located within each section that act more as review tasks that help summarize each area of cleanliness.

Along with selecting from the 12 mini lessons, a board game feature is included for up to 2 players that review activities addressed from a combination of each lesson.
Want to see this app in action? Check out our inside peak with Eleanor:

One of the few downfalls of this app is that content can take some time to load, so just be prepared for a bit of a wait.

All in all, iDo Hygiene is an ideal app for pre-teens and even older children who are gaining independence in their self-help skills. The step-by-step instructions make each process simple and clearly defined, and can be a great resource in educating students with special needs.


Rachel J. is a pediatric speech-language pathologist by day and a Netflix-loving twentysomething... all of the time. Who are we kidding?! 

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