Friday, July 17, 2015

Best app for special needs: iDo Getting Dressed a new Top Pick! Save $4!

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Bottom line: A simple presentation of various steps to getting dressed geared towards the special education population. Video demonstration, photo-taking capabilities and activities  that reinforce skills presented in the app.
For the next 30 days, the price of this app has been reduced from $8.99 to $4.99! What a steal!

To download iDo Getting Dressed ($8.99 full version, iPad ONLY) use the link below to support Smart Apps for Kids. Please and thank you.
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This app contains no ads or in-app purchases, and links to e-mail/social media are present under a protected parent section

The next app in the iDo series is iDo Getting Dressed from developer C.E.T. (Center for Educational Technology). The iDo series is a collection of routine-based apps geared for children with special needs who may have difficulty completing routines correctly, appropriately or independently. Video modeling is not a foreign concept in the special needs community, and this app series fits right in as a strong contender for both therapist and parent use.

Screen480x480From the main screen of the app your child can select from nine subject areas all in relation to getting dressed for the day or the evening--putting on socks, getting dressed for bed and putting on shoes to name a few. Each subject area contains four presentation options: a pre-loaded video and audio description, pre-loaded picture sequence, user video upload, or user picture sequence. The user selections allow you, the grown-up, to upload a video or series of pictures unique to your child completing the sequence.

As true to the high-quality nature of the iDo series, gender-specific subject areas are present in this app, including "Girl Getting Dressed" and "Boy Getting Dressed" which both tackle unique steps to getting dressed for each gender in a tasteful yet straight-forward and clear manner. Season-specific subject areas are also present which only adds to this app's stand-out quality in the app market.

Each of the nine subject areas include two opportunities for your child to show their smarts in "The Missing Step" and "Find the Picture" review areas. "The Missing Step" allows your child to identify the missing step in a portion of the sequence, and "Find the Picture" allows your child to identify the picture in which a stated action is happening."Let's Play" is an additional area that can be accessed from the main screen which allows for even more review opportunity in a game format.
For an even more in-depth look inside this app, be sure to watch Eleanor's video here:

The only downside to this app is because it is content-heavy, loading can sometime take a few minutes. However, the amount of quality content you download for the sticker price it is well worth the occasional "loading wheel" screen that appears. All in all, iDo Getting Dressed does not disappoint and is a strong tool for both parents and teachers/therapists in teaching routines to children with special needs.

1560732_10204218224073356_3192949547136550803_nRachel J. thinks her umbrella has become a part of her wardrobe these days thanks to all the rain in Indiana.

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