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New Top Pick! Table It! is amazing for education, including special ed!

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Bottom Line: Table It! is an amazing app like none I’ve ever seen. Along with 34 editable sample tables, the user can make an unlimited number of tables to organize any information desired. Make a table schedule, organize information from history class, make a data set in math, create a table for personal information or even their special interests. It’s unlimited in ability to create, and is my favorite new app on the market in a long time.

Get Table it! – Students with special needs learn to organize their world of knowledge for just $4.99 (iPad only)! Use our easy link to go right to the App Store. Seriously, just stop reading and go get this app now. It's that good.
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Table5I can’t believe Table It! is only $4.99. After just a quick glance through the app, I was sure it would be at least $15, because there is some incredible content. This is a rare app find for me: full of very useful content, and different than any other app I’ve seen. It’s a winner, and highly recommended. I promise, you could stop reading right here and go download the app. But because a review is supposed to be a little longer than 80 words, read on for more details.

Table It! is a new app from developer Center for Educational Technology, designed to help students with special needs. It can be used to organize important information, daily schedules—really anything that is useful to each student. It’s a great concept, because organizing information is a proven way to help retention and build cognitive understanding.

The app itself is easy to use with a very smooth interface. I love that there are multiple examples of tables. This helps new users figure out exactly what they might be able to do with the app. The samples are organized into three categories: Me and Mine, Me and My World, and World Knowledge. Seriously, even without the ability to add totally new tables, this app would be worth it just for these 34 editable sample tables.

Table2Editing the sample tables is easy. Simply tap the desired table to view it bigger and then tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner. The table headings stay, and each box is then able to be edited and personalized. It’s an easy way to make a table without the full set up.
There are so many great editing features, it’s hard to believe the developers were able to keep this app so easily accessible, but they did. Editing is more than just adding text. After adding the text, add a visual, using multiple options. Take a picture with the iPad camera, use a saved photo from the iPad, find a photo on Safari or use one of the pictured icons. Finally, use the microphone to add an audio recording. Any one of these pieces can also easily be skipped, if desired.

Table3When these sample tables are edited, they are automatically saved into the My Library section of the app, accessible from the home screen. I was glad to see this, because I was afraid I lost a table while trying out all the navigation features. No worries, it was waiting for me when I was ready. This is a great feature—students who won’t be creating on their own can quickly access the tables that are already made.

As amazing as the sample tables are, the real functionality and value in this app comes with the ability to add your own table. From the home screen, tap Create New to make any kind of table needed. All the features of individual cell editing are available, along with the added ability to customize table size, color and style. After initially choosing a style and color, they can also be changed with the editing icons at the top of the screen.

Table4Even the number of rows and columns can be edited in a user-created table. There is also a setting to limit how much a student can edit, limiting their ability to delete or rearrange rows and columns. I do wish there was an option to prevent editing entirely, for those who aren’t quite ready to revise on their own.

If the app isn’t quite as intuitive to you as it is to me, there’s also a very handy FAQ section. Find it by tapping the information section icon in the upper right corner of the home screen. At any point if you run into a problem, it’s likely answered in this section. The information is clear and step-by-step. I also like the rationale section, explaining the pedagogy and benefits to using this app.

Table1Aside from my wish to be able to lock it down for no edits, I also wished that the links to post to Facebook and Twitter were protected. Especially on an app that is used educationally, it would be better to require an adult code to complete a post to Facebook. It's a very, very small issue to me, but I know it's a big thing for other teachers and parents. So for that reason only, I rated Table It! as 4.5 stars. An edit to that feature will quickly make this a 5-star app.

Overall, this app is fantastic, and a must-have for teachers and parents. It’s designed for special needs, but it’s really great for any kid. Use it to make up study guides for tests, or take a class poll as part of a math lesson (pass the iPad for every student to enter their info into a table!) Whatever you do, download it now. $4.99 is an incredible price for an app with so much functionality.
MeHeather H needs to find a way to get Table It! help her get all boxes packed for her impending move.

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