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Review: Autism Discovery Tool is a new top pick!

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Bottom line: Autism Discovery Tool can help you explore each of the senses and experience some of the many ways that people on all aspects of the autism spectrum might see the world.  You can use this app as a tool for discussion to teach understanding and tolerance.

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Autism disc 1Autism Discovery Tool lets users explore seven different sensory situations and how they could be perceived by autistic individuals. You can explore situations focused on vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance, or body position. This app could be a useful tool for opening up discussions with kids about how we each perceive the world differently, helping us to teach acceptance and tolerance.
Each scene opens up in a “typical” view of the situation, showing how people without autism would probably view things. Along the bottom of the screen we can move into four other levels of perception.
  • Over-sensitive
  • Under-sensitive
  • Distorted
  • Enhanced
Autism disc 3Each of these levels of perception is reflected on the screen to try to help the user understand what it might feel like to perceive the world in that way. Whether it is the over-exposed feel of the having over-sensitive vision or the actual “wobbly” feel that you get from looking at the distorted balance scene, Autism Discovery Tool can really help make users think about how each of us view the world differently.
Within each sense scene there are hidden tools that the user can find that each contain tips and hints about how to help individuals cope with certain sensitivities. I think that this might be particularly helpful in a classroom situation to help children gain awareness about how each of us is different and how we can all help one another live more comfortably in the world we are in.
Watch Ellie bring this app to life here:

What I liked:
  • This is the first app of this type that I have had experience with, and it pleased me to be able to
  • While of course it is difficult to know exactly how any one person perceives the world, I found that this app was helpful in opening up a dialog with my kids about the fact that we all see and feel things differently. And that that’s OK.
Autism disc 4What I might change:
  • I would have liked it if there were audio available with the dialog boxes. That would be helpful for non-readers that are using this app independently.
  • I think that it would be very useful to have an option to view a situation that combines all of the senses and how they work together.
  • I’m really afraid that the $9.99 price tag might discourage a lot of folks that could benefit from this app.
This app is in no way meant to be used for diagnostic purposes, but I feel like this is a fantastic tool to help kids learn about and start to understand how autism can affect individuals. Persons with autism could also use this app to help learn tips for coping with some situations and to help communicate to others how a situation is making them feel. I’m giving this app 4.5 stars.



Kelli wants to be spending this beautiful day outside. Smart Apps for Kids was paid a fee to review this app in a priority manner.

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