Monday, April 18, 2016

Review: ABA Preference simplifies assessments for parents, teachers and therapists.

Abathumb Stars3.5

Bottom Line: This app makes assessments very simple to conduct for figuring out personalized motivators for each client as well as keeping that information in one easy to navigate space. Although the app works well with no bugs, be aware of how the app is going to be used and how often as cost may become an issue.

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SAFK NO Ads ExLinks YES IAPThis app has no ads, no external links and in-app purchases.

IMG_0790ABA Preference opens to a log-in screen where users can create an account for the first use and then just login thereafter. After logging in, users are in the dashboard section of the app where they can create clients or view clients in a list ordered by name, diagnosis or company. To create a client, users input the first name and first initial of the last name, date of birth, diagnosis, and school or company. App users can also add a photo of the client. Once the client is saved, he or she also appears in the view clients section. By choosing a client in this section, there are several choices: the client information can be shared (emailed), a new assessment can be created or a history of assessments for this client can be viewed. The app also provides a "How To" section to explain how to create and administer the assessment.
To create an assessment, therapists can use photos from the device camera roll or take pictures in-app. There are six spots for pictures and each can be IMG_0793cropped as needed. During an assessment, clients are shown pairs of items and have to choose one. After the choices have run their course, the app presents the pictures in order of desirability to the client along with the percentage of times each photo was chosen. This information can be emailed along with a pre-written explanation about what an assessment is for and how it is performed. I have included a faux assessment I performed with my cat, Norbert, as a client for illustrative purposes. When making assessments, I would have loved having access to a library in-app as that would be a huge time-saver with much better photos than I take.
NorbertThe app costs .99 initially and comes with five credits. Credits are used to create assessments, one at a time. Here is why that is important. I have created an assessment for a client and several months later, his preference for certain items seems to have changed. I can not simply reuse a previous assessment. I must create a new assessment, even if the objects are the same and use another credit. There are several choices for purchasing credits, single credit purchases at .99 each, ten credits for $6.99 or the premium package of unlimited credits for a monthly subscription of $19.99. IMG_0795
  The app is cleanly laid out and easy to navigate with no bugs. Although there are three tiers of purchase points, I strongly recommend users decide quickly how much they will be using the app. For example, a parent that needs to make just a few assessments for one child will find a gem with this app at a reasonable cost, but a professional that has eight clients and several assessments for each will find the monthly subscription fits their needs, but in the end may not save too much time because they will be creating new assessments each time.

Ctag2Cynthia thinks it's important for everyone to know that Norbert the cat was not harmed in the making of this review. *Smart Apps for Kids was paid a priority review fee for this post.

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