Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review: CoughDrop AAC has everything users, parents and therapists could ask for with several pricing options and free trial.

  Bottom Line: My son has autism and for his first five or six years he had limited speech language so we worked with several AAC apps trying to find the one that he wanted to work with. After finding a good match, we did a summer of intense AAC training and by the time school started again, thanks to AAC, he had gained enough speech language to only need the support occasionally. Today, at age nine, he can express himself in full sentences. AAC use should be available to all families who feel the need for it and when I come across an AAC program that is customizable, with many features and has not only affordable choices for payment but a wonderful two-month free trial, I'm in the fan club.   If you would like to download this app, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the links provided below:

iPhone/iPad (FREE)

Google Play (FREE)
Amazon (FREE)
As I mentioned above, CoughDrop AAC has a lot of customizable features. Users can create boards from scratch or use publicly available boards and edit the content. Several boards can be used and made available at the side of the screen and choices on each board can be edited to hide some choices until the user is ready for them. Not only are there so many choices for boards, including a QWERTY keyboard with word prediction, but there are many voice options, including a premium list available to subscribers, and language options available when creating boards. Voice output can be tweaked for personal preference as well as long as the voice is editable in the way.

In addition to all of the custom features, CoughDrop is available across multiple devices with the use of a username and password. After a two-month free trial, users can subscribe for $6 a month or a $200 one-time purchase. I love the options of trying, then subscribing and the free trial plus $6 a month would have been perfect for my son and I as we shopped around spending a good chuck of money searching for the right fit. A Therapist/Parent/Supporter option is available for free to folks supporting a communicator and a license can be gifted to there support people for $50.

The app and website are cleanly designed and easy to navigate. I encountered no issues with syncing boards between devices or tweaking layouts. The software can be set to always open directly to speak mode, which is the chosen home board or users can visit the main page where reports on word usage, messages and even quick assessments can be logged. To put it plainly, this app has what you're looking for at a good price-point for this technology. Highly recommended.


Cynthia loves staying up-to-date with AAC apps and seeing this kind of tool soar for special needs friends.

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