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**Please read**
Q: Do I really want my app reviewed?
Please don't confuse the word "review" with the word "promote." If you'd like our panel of experts to do an honest review of your app, which includes pointing out all the issues and problems we find, then a review is for you. Keep in mind however, that we have the toughest reviewers of any site and do publish reviews for apps that we give one or two stars.

In short, we don't do warm and fuzzy reviews unless the app is quite good.
** Please read **

Q: Hmm...maybe I don't want my app reviewed. I just want to promote my app?
In that case, please see the promotion services we offer, including advertising and sponsored posts.

Q: When will my app be reviewed?
A: We receive many review requests a week and are working very hard to complete as many reviews as possible as quickly as possible. However, other than purchased reviews, only apps selected by our staff as ones they wish to cover are reviewed.

Q: Will you download the app before the promo codes expire?
A: We download them upon receipt.

Q: Why are two promo codes required?
A: All reviews go through two layers. First, they are assigned to a specific reviewer (one code) who completes the review. The review is then submitted to an editor (second code) who needs access to the app to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the review.

Q: Can you provide me with more info regarding the services mentioned?
Sure, click the links to read the basics:

Q: What should I do if I'd like to feature news, a price reduction or other event?
We suggest buying an ad or sponsored post. We choose all the content we'd like to feature otherwise. You can submit such info through the form below.

If you have any questions, please email the wonderful Lisa R. here.